In drama we have a passion for developing understanding and finding deeper meanings. Through curiosity led dramatic exploration, we seek to help our students appreciate their place in the world. We do this by creating, performing and responding to both published and original material. It is important to the department team that every learner can experience acting out characters that are different from themselves so that they can independently develop tolerance and empathy. In Drama we look to develop vibrant, resilient and inquisitive students that have a passion for meaningful performance.

Key Staff

Mr Lee
Head of Drama

Ms Russell
Teacher of Drama


We have two rooms in the Drama department. A classroom with speakers and lighting bar and a purpose built performance studio with a sound mixing desk and state of the art lighting rig and control desk. As a department we work closely with Music, and share use of their recording studio and equipment. We also make use of the Apple-Mac room that has enough computers for a whole class to be using the industry standard editing software at the same time.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

The Drama curriculum at Key Stage 3 is designed to build the key competencies of students toward the GCSE specification.

In Year 7 the focus is on building skills. Specifically, we look at how to build and perform a character, construct interesting scenes and use drama techniques that help to deepen the students’ understanding of themes and situations.

In Years 8 & 9 students begin to use their skills to explore a range of modern and classical plays that are specifically chosen for the social and cultural relevance to the students. They also have the opportunity to devise, write, develop and perform their own original plays.

Students are expected to be analytical during this process by criticising and improving their own work and offering advice to their peers as a ‘critical friend’. Students respond both verbally and in the written form. In order to develop their describing skills, students are encouraged to explain their work in detail with friends and parents.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At Key Stage 4 the department follows the AQA GCSE specification. The students complete the program of study over Years 10 and 11. There are three assessed components.

Component 1: Understanding Drama

This component is a written exam in which students are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed, including in connection to a set play and on their ability to analyse and evaluate the live theatre work of others.

Component 2: Devising Drama

This is a practical component in which students are assessed on their ability to create and develop ideas to communicate meaning for theatrical performance and apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions in live performance by devising and performing an original play. Students are also expected to write a devising log in which they analyse and evaluate their own work.

Component 3: Texts in practice

This component is a practical component in which students are assessed on their ability to apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions in live performance. For this component students must complete two assessment tasks:

  • study and present a key extract (monologue, duologue or group performance)
  • study and present a second key extract (monologue, duologue or group performance) from the same play.

Extra Curricular

In the past the department has created work for both ‘in house’ performances as well as festivals such as Shakespeare for Schools. This year we are developing our extra curricular provision by starting a film club and creating an original play created and written by our students!

Mr Lee

Mr Lee

Head of Drama