The MFL department believes that studying languages does not only opens doors to a world of opportunities in terms of business and employment, but also offers a unique experience to travellers who love to explore different parts of the globe, know about diverse cultures, places and styles.

The knowledge of a language, without any doubt, enhances the cognitive and analytical abilities as well improves the learner’s personality and increases a sense of self-worth.

The MFL department achieves this vision through 5 main strands:

  • Creativity and Student Centred Learning
  • Experience of the Languages Culture
  • Sharing our Passion for Languages with our Students
  • Maintaining High Standards in all that we do
  • Believing in Achieving and Enjoying

"The teaching at Heartlands Academy ensures that the vast majority of students make excellent progress, especially in English, mathematics and modern foreign languages."
Heartlands Academy, 5-6 February 2014

"There is an outstanding commitment to equality of opportunity. The large numbers of students who are eligible for the pupil premium funding make progress that is considerably above national figures especially in English, mathematics, modern foreign languages and humanities."
Heartlands Academy, 5-6 February 2014

Key Staff

Mme Smith
Head of MFL

Miss Veal
Teacher of MFL


The MFL department offers:

  • An exciting opportunity to use a modern lab, to enhance listening and speaking and to encourage independent learning.
  • The newest text books.
  • Creative and cross-curricular projects.
  • Three languages taught: French and Spanish KS3 to 5, and Arabic in KS5.
  • Celebrating the importance of other languages by preparing students for their mother language GCSE exam.
  • Trips abroad.
  • Opportunities for independent learning using different software and websites.
  • Support and intervention after school.
  • MFL blog.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In Year 7 students study a number of topics including personal information, description and family and friends. They discover the differences between French and English schools, housing and areas. They learn about French countries and the daily routine. Students study cultural music, hobbies and food. Students' grammar focuses on gender agreement, use of different pronouns, the use of the conditional and the simple past and future tenses.

The cross curricular project with the Art and Drama departments will develop their speaking skills, creativity and linguistic ability.

In Year 8 students will study a number of topics related to French culture and young people’s life and choice. They discover artistic and geographical aspects of France and other French speaking countries, the world of media, youth and sport, famous French personalities, young people and their passion for films, reading, adverts and music. They also learn how to talk about health injuries and how to justify their excuses for not doing any sport. Students’ grammar skills focuses on the understanding and use of at least three tenses and how to use articles, direct object pronouns and the use of the infinitive following a verb and regular / irregular verbs.

Year 8 students are involved in cross curricular projects with English to enhance their literacy and poetic skills in French.

In Year 9 students study a number of topics related to French culture and young people life and choice. Sudents focus on the importance of technology and how it has changed. In addition, they will be able to discuss the issues faced by young people today and offer solutions and advice to help them overcome these challenges. They learn about the importance of healthy eating and how their diet affects their health. Following this, they learn how to plan a holiday and learn key structures such as how to buy train tickets. Finally, they learn about the qualities and skills needed for particular jobs and they discuss their own career goals.

Students also participate in cross curricular projects with Art to explore French artists.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At KS4 students study French over two years. Students are allocated two lessons every week.

French topics studied in Year 10 and Year 11:

  1. Myself
  2. My Free Time
  3. Where I Live
  4. Going Out
  5. Working Hard
  6. Tourism
  7. Life Style
  8. Home and Local Area & Environment

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

At KS5 students study French over two years. Students are allocated four lessons every week.

In order for students to become familiar with the requirements and expectations for AS and A2, all essays are marked using the AQA’s assessment criteria.

For both parts of the A level, marks are awarded for four categories: content, range of vocabulary, range of structure and accuracy. These are indicated on students work with the abbreviations C, RV, RS and A.

Mme Smith

Mme Smith

Head of MFL

Modern Foreign Languages
Modern Foreign Languages
Modern Foreign Languages