Fine Art A Level


A level Art leads on directly from the GCSE course and allows for the students to have more time and gain the experience necessary to develop their own practical abilities. Students who choose to study A level Art make a great deal of progress in terms of their skill level and confidence and are given all the support they need.

The A level course allows students to develop as artists and to build a highly sophisticated body of work, in their own style and specialism. A practical portfolio is completed alongside a written personal study, in which students demonstrate sophisticated contextual understanding.

Key Staff

Miss Bailey


The specification for the course has changed in a way that benefits students. The full A level course now consists of two projects as opposed to the previous four. This allows students to have more time to fully develop their ideas and reduces the amount of practical work that is expected.

In Year 12, students will attend a range of sessions and workshops in which they explore different drawing and painting techniques along with experimental techniques. They will then, through individual and group tutorials, decide on a theme for their first major project. In this project, students will be expected to produce a portfolio of work and an annotated sketchbook.

In Year 13, students will continue with their project and will write an essay, based on some personally selected artists or designers. They will produce a large scale, personal final outcome to their project. Students will be assessed on how well developed their ideas are and how meaningful, creative and skilful their work is.

In February, students will begin their examination project, in which they must produce a sketchbook and portfolio based on starting points set by the exam board. The final exam will take place over three days and during this time students will produce a final response to their theme.

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For further information regarding studying A Level Fine Art at Heartlands Academy, please contact: Miss Bibby