Physics A Level


Physics is a subject which allows students to explore the building blocks of the universe. Students will come to understand how and why the world and everything around us behaves as it does. Through experimentation and theory, students learn to explore and communicate ideas.

A Physics A Level is one of the most respected A levels there is, as it shows that students are numerate and can handle a demanding course to a high level. There are many useful skills that can be developed whilst studying physics; such as problem solving, reasoning, practical skills, communication as well as the obvious numeracy skills.

Achieving a good grade in physics (when combined with other appropriate A level subjects), can help one to go on to further study and get into careers such as food scientist, climatologist, radiographer, ergonomics expert, geophysicist, architect, pilot, oceanography, audio technician, engineering as well as medicine.

Key Staff

Mrs Khan
Head of Science


The A level Physics course delivered at Heartlands is AQA’s A level Physics. The units covered are:

  • Unit 1: Measurements and their Errors
  • Unit 2: Particles and Radiation
  • Unit 3: Waves
  • Unit 4: Mechanics and Materials
  • Unit 5: Electricity
  • Unit 6: Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics
  • Unit 7: Fields and their Consequences
  • Unit 8: Nuclear Physics
  • Unit 9: Astrophysics

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For further information regarding studying A Level Physics at Heartlands Academy, please contact: Mrs Khan

Mrs Khan

Mrs Khan

Head of Science