Sociology A Level


Sociology is the study of society on a number of different levels:

  • A subject which helps explain social change, past, present and future.
  • A subject which encourages political and social engagement with contemporary social issues.
  • A subject which involves being actively involved with social research and policy.

Key Staff

Miss Hawtin


Year 12

  1. Socialisation, Culture and Identity
    • Introducing Socialisation, Culture and Identity
    • Families and Relationships
  2. Researching and Understanding Social Inequalities
    • Research Methods and Researching Social Inequalities
    • Understanding Social Inequalities

Year 13

  1. Debates in Contemporary Society
    • Globalisation and the Digital Social World
    • Crime and Deviance

Further Information

A Level specification

For further information regarding studying A Level Sociology at Heartlands Academy, please contact: Miss Hawtin

Mr Hussain

Mr Hussain

Head of Social Sciences